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Dunedin student's online clothing enterprise has become very successful during isolation

Caitlin Rawling
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Vintage Society logo  Vintage Society

Jacqui Malcolm's online store is flourishing during lockdown.

The Dunedin commerce student runs an online shopping website, Vintage Society, selling vintage clothing from the USA and UK, and helping to encourage people to shop sustainably and reduce fast fashion.

Malcolm spoke with Metronews about her business and how it exciting it is to see its success during these unprecedented times.

“I found an increase in sales in level 4 as I put a lot of money into promotion under the assumption people will be online a lot more than usual.

"I do, however, expect them to decrease in level 3, meaning I’ll probably have to reduce prices to keep (a) more consistent level of sales."

The commerce student understands the importance of maintaining good hygiene when packaging the clothes to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Malcolm makes sure the clothing is clean and she is the only one touching and packaging the clothes.

She is able to do contactless deliveries now as New Zealand has moved to level 3.

“I leave the packages by my mailbox, which my postman will then pick up and deliver them to my customers.

"I have them in boxes, so the postie doesn’t have to touch the parcels individually, leaving one less point of contact out.”

The Dunedin student told Metronews she had only ever had an online presence so had no worries about obligations like storage space.

Vintage Society has clothes from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger, which are all upcycled.

Malcolm wants to make a positive impact on the environment, in terms of fashion.

“I definitely think there will be an increased interest in secondhand clothing, given how much cheaper it can be compared to retail.”

You can browse through the vintage items on the website here: https://www.vintagesociety.shop/


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