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Roller derby players gearing up to start their season

Ella Stokes
Roller Derby
The club training at Cowles stadium.   OTAUTAHI ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE

Places to play and train are hard to come by in Christchurch for roller derby players.

But this does not hold back the Otautahi roller derby league.

The team is shaping up for a for their first exhibition bout of the year this Saturday at 6pm. 

Otautahi club representative Leena said finding places to train in Christchurch can be difficult but regardless they still train hard.

She said the club struggles with funding and have to do a lot of travelling to play different clubs as there are only two teams in Christchurch, so they are currently going to massive fundraising efforts to raise money so players do not have to pay as much to travel. 

The club is hosting a have a go evening on Sunday at Pioneer stadium to try and get more people involved. 

Leena said it is a great game and people should take up the opportunity to give it a go.