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'No undeclared Russian spies in New Zealand'

Connor Haley
Countries around the world are joining together in a stand against Russia  British Foreign Office

In response to the Salisbury poisoning, 20 countries around the world are expelling Russian diplomats but not New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would only expel Russian diplomats if any of those in New Zealand were considered "undeclared intelligence officers."

"The diplomats those countries were expelling were undeclared intelligence officers. We ran a check, we don't have those in New Zealand but if we did we would expel them" she said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs lists 17 diplomats in the Russian Embassy in Wellington.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said from the very beginning New Zealand has been clear in expressing its condemnation over the Salisbury attack.

Countries around the world are joining with the United Kingdom in what is being described as the largest expulsion of Russian Intelligence officers in history.

The Trump administration is expelling 60 diplomats while the UK is sending 23 home.

President Trump has also ordered the closure of the Russian Consulate in Seattle.

Other European countries such as France, Germany and Poland have said they will stand with their allies and are expelling 4 diplomats each.

Statements and responses from some of the countries involved...