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'No rape culture' in schools

Katie Scotcher
Wellington college2
Wellington College.  Wikipedia Commons

A former private school head boy says some boys make stupid comments, but that doesn't mean there's a rape culture.

Two Wellington College students were stood down this week after making comments on social media about taking advantage of drunk girls.

A former Christchurch private school head boy said with 600 boys at a school, there would always be stupid comments made.

"Does that mean there's a rape culture at that school? Does that mean that every boy at that school is implicit or agrees with negative attitudes towards women? No."

METRONEWS has decided to keep the identity of the former head boy anonymous.

Former Christchurch Boys' High School student, Niwa Stewart, said his school had strived to teach respectful values.

"I come from a school where we emulate a fine young man," the 18-year-old said.

Both boys said the Wellington College incident would be an important lesson for high school students.