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A newcomer to the market scene

Emma Turton
CENTRE: Rosie Carroll, 'The Nifty Markets' founder running the market at Benny's Barbershop  Emma Turton

Carroll, 24, felt there was a gap in the market scene, so she created the Nifty Markets "with the idea that it would be somewhere that I would want to shop".

The first Nifty Market was held on July 28 at Benny's Barbershop in Sydenham and Carroll plans to hold it every second month.

There is an ethical focus on the goods sold, with most items being either handmade or recycled.

Carroll said ethical markets were "relevant right now because we're in a crisis [of fast fashion]".

"We need to make change now."

Carroll said people needed to become more aware of how they consumed clothes.

This is a driving force for Carroll, who created her own business 'Rosie Threads' to up-cycle material into new clothing.

She also strived to make the market environmentally friendly.

"It's all well and good to like and share a photo of a turtle with a plastic straw up it's nose. But we've actually got to stop and think about what we can do."

The market was plastic-bag free and incorporated 11 vendors, all hand-picked and selling mostly handmade or second-hand wares, except one vendor who Carroll said was "just having a clear-out and getting rid of clothes".

Carroll hoped the "nifty, thrifty and fun" market would grow into a factory market and be a place where people came to hang out and buy second-hand cool clothes and handmade products.

Video: The Nifty Markets