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New tech accessory promises to reduce digital eye strain

Finlay Dunseath

A new blue light filtering screen protector has arrived on the New Zealand technology market with guarantees to reduce digital eye strain.

'Invisible Shield' products by American company Zagg are designed to filter out harmful blue light by blocking out light between the 380-500 nanometer range.

The Invisible Shield product range includes options for most modern Apple screens and a growing range of Android devices.

The product has received the support of the Vision Health Advisory Board that claims studies suggest increasing exposure to blue light could have damaging longterm effects on the eyes.

This damage includes potential damage to retina cells, particularly in children and teenagers.

Zagg's Ingram Micro product manager Royce Delich, 31, said demand for the product would go through the roof this year.

He said the human eye did not stop developing until the age of 25. "The more filtration from artificial blue light the better."

High energy light produced by LED and OLED devices have been proven to contribute to digital eye strain symptoms such as headaches, eye fatigue and dry eyes.

Although medical experts need more time to find conclusive evidence that links screen usage with permanent eye damage, the question remains whether consumers should be taking further measures to protect their vision.

This accessory product provides short term relief from digital eye strain and cautionary protection from potential long term damage.