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New still will get the bottoms up treatment

Jack Ward

The Spirits Workshop have big plans for their new still.

The company has been around for three years and moved to its current Sydenham site in November last year. 

The Spirits Workshop's current still is the smallest commercially producing gin distiller in the country at 50 litres. The new still, at 500 litres, will produce ten times that.

Antony Michalik, Chief Gin Officer of the Spirit Workshop says he has always enjoyed his whisky but 'could never understand why New Zealand didn't make it [whisky] because we grow the best barley in the world in Canterbury'. 

Michalik says the initial target for once the new still has been installed will be a thousand bottles and he hopes to grow from there and look to export their product in the future.

The company is looking to expand its gin selection and a rebranding of Curiosity Gin will take place in a few months, with the launch of the company's whisky shortly afterwards.