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New mural unveiled in Christchurch

Connor Haley

A climate-change-themed poetry wall was unveiled at 128 Armagh Street featuring a poem from a 17 year old Burnside High student.

The unveiling started with Burnside High School student, Samantha Jory Smart, reading her poem Kiwi solstice which was featured in the book "Climate for change".

Poems were also read by three friends of hers about climate change.

New Zealand poet, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, also made an appearance. He spoke about Bob Dylan and his fight against climate change.

The mural was painted by 19 members of local group Plant gang, led by Liv Worsnop.

Plant gang was tasked with creating this mural two weeks ago, putting in one hundred and 11 hours to finish the piece.

Liv Worsnop said the mural starts with what can be seen as DNA strands, culminating at planet Earth itself in the very centre.

"New Zealand can be seen at the top of the planet as a beacon of light for the rest of world in this massive issue" she added.

The unveiling ended with an address from IPCC scientist, Pete Smith.

"Art is a lens through which we can examine the problems at hand today," he said.