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New look for the 'purple croissant' theatre

Charlotte Cook
Adromeda Theatre
The newly released white cube design for the Adromeda Theatre in the Performing Arts Precinct  Andromeda.kiwi

Silence has broken on the long awaited Performing Arts Precinct with a new design for the Andromeda Theatre

A proposed theatre for the Christchurch Performing Arts Precinct has a new look.

The Andromeda Theatre was initally proposed last year as spaceship themed and was quickly dubbed the 'purple croissant' - but a re-design is now a white cube style.

Project Director Michael Bell says the Andromeda Theatre will put Christchurch on the map artistically and bring tens-of-millions-of-dollars into the economy.

The new white cube design will include a outdoor piazza, 400 seat flexible theatre which can be also be configured as a 200 seat cabaret theatre, and a rooftop jazz and comedy bar. 

The City Council is meeting to discuss the proposal next month. 

There is $30 million funding from Council to build either the Adromeda or Court Theatre. 



Precinct layout
The proposed layout for Anchor Project - Performing Arts Precinct. Christchurch City Council