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Go Live! Festival set for September

Blake Benny
Deep Water Creek  Facebook

The new music festival starts on September 24.

The multi-venue festival is currently set to include The Eastern, Deep Water Creek and Adam Hattaway, as well as a variety of other performers over the nine day festival.

Other performers recently announced include One Waka, Dolphin Friendly, Katie Thompson, Mark Vanilau, Dillastrate, PRINS, Flip Grater, Dusty Hustle. Lil Chuck, The Settlers, The Ranchsliders and Hawaiian Maiden.

Christchurch City Council Events and Arts Manager Lucy Blackmore said the Go Live! Festival would be a "musical extravaganza, where multiple styles intersect in a range of sets across the city, along with industry-focused seminars".

Deep Water Creek said that the festival is an opportunity to showcase Christchurch's "amazing" music scene.

"The support this event offers to some of the harder hit industries, like live music events is incredible and a great move by the Christchurch City Council."

The festival would feature a mix of outdoor, all-ages concerts and smaller R18 shows at venues including 12 Bar, Dux Central, A Rolling Stone, Grater Goods, Darkroom and Blue Smoke.

"Christchurch is certainly ready for a party and the festival provides the time and place. We are also thrilled to support our local artists after the COVID-19 pandemic has stymied everyone's plans," Blackmore said.

She said the festival would bring together the greatest Christchurch sounds and performances.

"We are 'going live' to reconnect our community and our amazing music scene post-lockdown."