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Sports competition Golden Oldies coming to Christchurch because of CERA

It was the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority's way of leaving a legacy before it was shut down.

The event manager for Golden Oldies says the tournament is happening as a lasting legacy of CERA.

This is the first time ever that one city will host all the codes for the senior sports tournament.

Manager Mike Godinet says CERA suggested bringing all the events to Christchurch.

"CERA knew that they would be moving on, that they would be no more, and they felt that they wanted to leave something and help the city get back to normal".

The codes include cricket, golf, hockey, lawn bowls, netball and rugby.

Christchurch Casino CEO Brett Anderson says the event will prove to tourists that Christchurch has recovered from the quakes.

"The lasting image for a lot of people is Christchurch in ruins or Christchurch being demolished. If you look now, there's a number of new bars and restaurants that are opening up around Christchurch. There's more now than there was pre-earthquake".

The Casino will be the main sponsor for the tournament kicking off in April.

ChristchurchNZ Manager of Attraction Linda Falwasser says the hope is that the event will be a huge tourism boost for the city.

"The whole Golden Oldies philosophy is about friendship and fraternity. It's kind of less competitive and really more social. We're expecting that these people that come and participate in the games... will go back and tell people and they'll all come".

Falwasser says ChristchurchNZ is always looking for events to bring to Christchurch with global reach.