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Suburbs netball partnership with Rowley Avenue School benefits sport

Malindi Wilson
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A new initiative is encouraging netball clubs to work in partnership with schools

Suburbs Netball Club is teaming up with Rowley Avenue school to bring two new teams into Christchurch Club Netball. 

Christchurch Netball Junior co-ordinator Sara Weeks said, "The aim was to ensure that all children have the opportunity to be involved in netball". 

She said the hope was for them to stay connected with the club as they progress through high school and beyond.

"Suburbs Netball has a long-standing relationship with Rowley Avenue School and this partnership seemed an obvious fit," Weeks said. 

Fiona Kenneally plays for Suburb Netball's senior competition and said there could be barriers that prevent young people from playing netball.

Kenneally said, "It's exciting to see the Christchurch Netball Centre being pro-active in seeking out schools, working with them in the community and breaking down these barriers."

Before Suburbs' involvement in the school only two children were playing netball for the club in 2016.

This initiative has enabled 19 children aged from year four to year eight to play club netball.

The children will wear the Rowley Avenue School uniform and play as a team, but come under the banner of Suburbs Netball.

The Christchurch Netball Centre Saturday competition commences in May.