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Mother-of-two training for her fifth World Cup

Emma Olsen
Sian playing lacrosse against Canada at the 2017 World Cup
Sian playing lacrosse against Canada at the 2017 World Cup  Sian Keys

Superwoman as some would call her, an Auckland mum is currently training for her fifth Lacrosse World Cup.

Sian Keys, 36, started lacrosse at boarding school in the UK and never really stopped. This will be her 25th year playing and won't be her last.

The Auckland local is a full-time mum-of-two and also runs her own online business 'Lacrosse Downunder' selling lacrosse equipment across New Zealand and Australia.

Sian grew up in England and made her debut playing for the U19 Wales team while she was in high school. She then got selected for the Wales Women's team in 1999.

"I represented Wales in the Women's World Cup in 2005 and then again in 2009."

She then met her Kiwi husband in the UK and moved to NZ to be with him in 2011.

Since then, she has played for New Zealand in the 2013 and 2017 World Cups.

"There are lots of similarities with both teams. Both are full of hard-working dedicated teammates, passionate coaches, and a huge national pride in representing their country.

"However, New Zealand is a lot newer in lacrosse which means it doesn't quite have the same depth as other countries yet. Although it's gradually getting easier as the lacrosse message slowly gets wider."

She wouldn't pick sides when asked who she prefers playing for.

"That's a tough question."


Sian and her family
Sian and her family Sian Keys

The NZBLAX 2021 Campaign kicked off in August 2019 welcoming a new coach, Dave Simpson, who was formerly the Scotland Women's Lacrosse Coach.

The team has had monthly squad training sessions until lockdown started where they have had to compromise by doing fitness trainings over zoom.

"It has been a fun way to stay connected with the girls and push each other."

Sian being the fitspo that she is, she also takes part in online workouts with her gym 'Fitmumz' as well as challenging herself to a range of different fitness events online while New Zealand is ordered to stay at home.

"My biggest hurdle is keeping our two little girls busy enough to get some training done."

In the lead up to her fifth World Cup, she thinks the team is looking great.

Sian's personal goals for the World Cup are to be the fittest and strongest she has ever been.

"I may be older than 99% of the squad and double the age of a number of them, but I still believe I can play lacrosse at an elite level and help drive the team to our highest ever world ranking."

Sian loves playing at the International level and would love to do this for as long as she is capable, however, it's a huge commitment and with a family to juggle, whether or not she will compete in a sixth World Cup is a decision that will need to be made closer to the time.

Sian playing for Auckland at the 2020 Senior Womens Nationals
Sian playing for Auckland at the 2020 Senior Womens Nationals David Wang