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Graffiti artist continues to do good for the community

Talia Mimilo
What next
Ikarus working on the 'What Next' donation piece.  Callum Stewart-Ward

A graffiti artist who helped bring life back to the city after the earthquakes is now using his art to raise funds for Syrian refugees.

Christchurch based street artist Ikarus has donated his piece called 'What Next' to World Vision to auction off to fundraise for those affected by the current war crisis in Syria.

Ikarus said the theme of the piece focuses around the uncertainty that comes with war and the uncertainty of Syria's future.

"In the Syrian crisis there is a lot of potential outcome, I want the piece to make people think about what's next for Syria." Ikarus Said

He said that people reacted so positively to the street art that went up after the earthquakes, "the vibrant colours really helped brighten Christchurch up."

Ikarus said he wanted to highlight the importance of how street art can enlighten a community even in the darkest of times. In post earthquake and now for Syria.

"A lot of people have negative connotations when they think of graffiti, but when expressed as art its a form of story telling. There's a difference between reckless tagging and street art." Ikarus said

The piece 'What Next' is being auctioned off on Trade Me and the money will go towards building child friendly spaces in refugee camps.