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The most posh rubbish in the country?

Emily O'Connell
Rubbish bags  Pixabay

The Waimakariri District has New Zealand's priciest rubbish bags and yet they are set to become more expensive.

The  Waimakariri District Council's 2017-18 draft annual plan proposes lifting the price of plastic rubbish bags from $2.90 to $3.00.

The district already has the most expensive rubbish bags in the country, with the Auckland City Council selling its bags at just $2.30 each.

Waimakariri District Council solid waste asset manager Kitty Waghorn said a range of factors contributed to the price increase including collection, disposal and manufacturing costs.

Although the bags are already at a high price compared to other cities, Waghorn said it was a small price increase in the scheme of things.

"I can't only put them up by 5 cents, because we don't have 5 cent coins, so people want to buy individual bags then it's really awkward to just to put them up a small incremental price."

Waghorn said a bin waste management system to replace the current bag model was being considered.

Waimakiriri resident Logan Moore, 21, said the rubbish bag price hike could lead to illegal dumping.

He said the council should consider introducing wheelie bins as an alternative to the bags.

The Rangiora Salvation Army is considering adding rubbish bags to its food parcels to help limit the effect the price has on families. 

"We're certainly considering it, we're analysing the demand at the same time as well. I know they aren't cheap, I mean we bought $75 worth, which was 25 bags just to be turfed out so I don't know what we're paying in rates on top of that," Rangiora Corps Captain Nigel De Maine said.