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Miriama Kamo leads the way for Māori journalists

Arwen Sommer

Renowned journalist Miriama Kamo is launching a mentorship program to encourage Māori students into mainstream broadcasting.

Miriama Kamo at New Zealand Broadcasting School

The Whaitiri Mentoring program is available to journalism students in their first year who are of Māori descent. The program matches the students up with an industry professional who will mentor them throughout the year.

Kamo says the aim of the program is to help students lift their skill level, make contacts, widen their network, and to be able to call on someone who is an expert in their field.

“My hope is that this program will help to raise the level of Māori in the industry, will improve diversity, and really help lift the game across the board.”

New Zealand Broadcasting school student Isobel Prasad was part of the early stages of the program last year. She says she’s excited to get a mentor because it will give her, and other Māori students, access to the people that inspire them.

She says it will be a way to “gain more experience so that you can possibly be an inspiration to other people like they’re an inspiration to you.”

Kamo says she hopes Māori students will get the value they deserve from the program and use the expertise that they'll find in their mentors.