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MetroNews - Friday 19th May 2023

Isabella Adams
Ruby-Mae Allen
Mary-Jane Brock-Smith
Myles Duggan
Zeph Frear Hanson
Jack Haldane
Sophia Hansen
Dan Irvine
Charlotte Mulder
Emily O'Hagan
Jewel Rangi
Lachlan Rennie
Halle Taite-Pitama
Ava Whitworth
Mikayla Wright
Davina Zimmer

This episode of MetroNews is brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Presenters: Lachlan Rennie and Hayley Linton

Story One (00:45) Lachlan Rennie

Story Two + Live Cross (02:50) Ava Whitworth

Story Three (05:28) Mikayla Wright

Story Four (07:53) Emily O'Hagan

Story Five + Live Cross (12:36) Davina Zimmer

Story Six (15:13) Hayley Linton

Story Seven (17:11) Isabella Adams

Story Eight (19:07) Halle Taite-Pitama

Story Nine (21:19) Mikayla Wright

Producers – Hayley Linton and Charlotte Mulder

Director – Sam Blackmore 

Director Assistant – Sophia Hansen

Technical Directors – Jewel Rangi and Sam Goldsworthy

Post Production/Graphics – Ruby-Mae Allen and Zeph Frear Hanson

Vision Switcher – Mary-Jane Brock-Smith

Sound – Dan Irvine

Production Manager - Jack Haldene

Production Coordinators - Yani Hapuku, Bronte King

Special Thanks to Vicki Wilkinson-Baker, Masen Ma, Nick Calvert, Mia Silverman, Richard Hansen, and Paul Newell.


Acknowledging all students involved. And thanks to Yoobee students for makeup.

Camera Operators – Peter Roger, Summa Dixon, Cora Bedwell, Tom McKenzie, Sam Clark

Editors – Declan O’Connell, George Meehan, Harrison McKee, Holly Lorna

Promotions Director – Myles Duggan