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Metro News 2020: 18th September

Asha Abdi
Carmina Blewett
Nikki Carroll
James Fleury
Charlotte Grimwood
Nick James
Tia McDougall
Emma Olsen
Mitch Redman
Digby Werthmuller

Brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Presenters: Carmina Blewett and Emma Olsen

Story One (6:47) Emma Olsen

Story Two + Live Cross (8:47) James Fleury

Story Three (11:45) Digby Werthmuller

Story Four (15:24) Charlotte Grimwood

Story Five (14:35) Emma Olsen

Story Six + Live Cross (17:39) Nick James

Story Seven (20:55) Tia McDougal

Story Eight (24:33) Nikki Carrol

Story Nine (26:24) Mitch Redman

Story Ten (29:21) Asha Abdi

Metro News 2020: 18th September

Metro News 2020: 18th September