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MetroNews: September 17th 2020

Ursula Keay
Digby Werthmuller

Brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

The students at the New Zealand Broadcasting School bring you Metro News for 2020.

Tonight on Metro News, we visit a skifield without enough snow, meet some tamariki with fruit, and meet the Arts Centre. 

Presenters: Digby Werthmuller and Ursula Keay

Story One + Live Cross (3:43) Hugo Cameron

Story Two (6:01) Harry Galbraith

Story Three (8:18) Ursula Keay

Story Four + Live Cross (11:52) Asha Abdi

Story Five (14:56) Digby Werthmuller

Studio IV (17:15) Nick James

Story Six (22:36) Carmina Blewett

Story Seven (24:38) Antoinette Spicer

Story Eight (26:24) James Fleury

Metronews: 17th September 2020

Metronews: 17th September 2020