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MetroNews - Monday 15th May 2023

Isabella Adams
Ruby-Mae Allen
Layla Bailey-McDowell
Mary-Jane Brock-Smith
Sam Coughlan
Jack Haldane
Sophia Hansen
Dan Irvine
Charlotte Mulder
Katie Oliver
Jewel Rangi
Sophie Vaughan
Fred Wilkie
Mikayla Wright
Davina Zimmer

This episode of MetroNews is brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Presenters: Sophie Vaughan and Katie Oliver

Story One (00:46) Katie Oliver

Story Two + Live Cross (02:43) Isabella Adams

Story Three (05:20) Davina Zimmer

Story Four (07:08) Layla Bailey-McDowell

Story Five (11:42) Mikayla Wright

Story Six + Live Cross (13:46) Charlotte Mulder

Story Seven (16:35) Sam Coughlan

Story Eight (18:14) Freddie Wilkie

Producers – Hayley Linton and Charlotte Mulder

Director – Sam Blackmore 

Director Assistant – Sophia Hansen

Technical Directors – Jewel Rangi and Sam Goldsworthy

Post Production/Graphics – Ruby-Mae Allen and Zeph Frear Hanson

Vision Switcher – Mary-Jane Brock-Smith

Sound – Dan Irvine

Production Manager – Jack Haldene

Production Coordinator - Yani Hapuku, Bronte King

Special Thanks to Vicki Wilkinson-Baker, Masen Ma, Nick Calvert, Mia Silverman, Richard Hansen, and Paul Newell.


Acknowledging all students involved. And thanks to Yoobee students for makeup.

Camera Operators – Peter Roger, Summa Dixon, Cora Bedwell, Tom McKenzie, Sam Clark

Editors – Declan O’Connell, George Meehan, Harrison McKee, Holly Lorna

Promotions Director – Myles Duggan