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MetroNews: 16th September 2020

Hugo Cameron
Nick James
Ursula Keay
Tia McDougall
Emma Olsen
Antoinette Spicer
Digby Werthmuller

Brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School: Metro News 2020

The students at the New Zealand Broadcasting School bring you Metro News for 2020.

Presenters: Nick James and Emma Olsen

Story One + Live Cross (4:11) Hugo Cameron

Story Two (5:04) Digby Werthmuller

Story Three + Live Cross (7:25) Ursula Keay

Story Four + Live Cross (12:00) Tia McDougall

Story Five (14:35) Emma Olsen

Studio IV (16:44) Digby Werthmuller

Story Six (22:10) Antoinette Spicer

Story Seven (24:30) Mitch Redman

Story Eight (26:24) Emma Olsen

MetroNews: 16th September 2020

MetroNews: 16th September 2020