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Is meth a problem in our city?

Malindi Wilson

A sociologist says methamphetamine use in Christchurch has increased since the earthquake.

The National Drug Intelligence Bureau's latest wastewater testing, shows levels of meth and ecstasy here are much higher than in Auckland's. 

Sociologist, Jarrod Gilbert, says "Self-reported studies show meth use here was very high, which was linked to the transient workers coming in for the rebuild."

Gilbert believes meth is a not only a Christchurch problem but a nationwide one. 

He says the wastewater testing isn't an accurate representation of drug use in Auckland and Christchurch because it was only one water treatment center in each city.

Gilbert said "there were more people using the waste treatment in Christchurch than there were in Auckland."

The sociologist believes that there is awareness of the problems that meth causes, however more money should be put into assisting people off the drug.