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Documentary Short Film: The Road to Mesopotamia

Jack Bouchier

A documentary short film I made about a rural mailman with a passion for photography

I made this documentary in partnership with a classmate, making it an exciting collaborative project. We shared the role of camera operator, with us each shooting footage across the shoot. My partner handled the production management and I handled the editing of the film.

The documentary project was my favourite of the year and became quite a passion project of mine. I always knew this would be my favourite and most important project of my time at Broadcasting School, so I took the opportunity to push my skills and make it as best as can be. 

Wanting to take advantage of such beautiful scenery, I pushed myself to hone my camera skills to get the best shots possible for the story. I made the decision to shoot in S-Log2, which was far out of my comfort zone to begin with, but I was soon assured that it was the right decision. I researched techniques of landscape photography and applied that to my filming, making educated decisions on lens choice and aperture. 

This project was an enjoyable and valuable experience for me, and I feel it best showcases my skills as a camera operator and editor.