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Me, My Student Loan, and I - Episode Three

Emma Olsen
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Me, My Student Loan, and I Podcast  Emma Olsen

For Episode Three, Emma Olsen looks at the factors that make up the system.

Me, My Student Loan, and I Podcast is a five-part series about the Kiwi Student Loan/Allowance System.

In the third episode, Emma Olsen speaks to ex Studylink worker Joe Gauld, as well as past Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce about the good factors, but also the questionable ones within the system.

This video gives you a visual insight into the vox pop segment within the podcast. Emma Olsen asks people at The Crossing in Christchurch CBD what age they think is appropriate to stop supporting their kids and gets their reactions to telling them Studylink says it should be 24.