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Like mother like daughter: Junior White Sox player pitching her way to success

Layla Bailey-McDowell
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Mckenzie pitching on the left, and her mother Jaye Bailey on the right  cc

Mckenzie Bailey-McDowell is a pitcher-utility with a bright future ahead of her on the softball diamond. Her goal? To follow in the footsteps of her mum and represent Aotearoa at the Olympics.

Canterbury representative and Kaiapoi Premier softball player, Mckenzie Bailey-McDowell is following in the footsteps of her mum and continuing the whānau legacy of representing New Zealand in softball. Mckenzie is an incredible softball player known to not only be an asset on the mound, but on the field and in the batters box also. She is currently competing in America Samoa, helping the Junior White Sox qualify for the next Junior World Series. With the team already securing four wins under their belt, they are guaranteed top seed, ranking number one in the Oceania. 


The last day of the series was unfortunately rained out. However, this put the New Zealand side with four wins from four allowing them to qualify for the Worlds. McKenzie was also awarded the best defensive player of the series with an ERA of 0.0. Meaning there was no earned runs scored when she was pitching. 

Layla Bailey-McDowell covers this story, joining her talented younger sister on a training session.