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Man dead after Sumner assault

Annabel Kean
Ella Stokes
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  Ella Stokes

Peaceful village shocked and frightened after car park assault.

A man has died after he was found with a serious head injury outside the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club on Clifton Terrace at 10pm, Thursday.

He had been in an induced coma since the attack.

A police media release reports that in the same evening police made two arrests in relation to the attack, but as of today there are three people charged with his murder.

After an initial appearance on Saturday, a 38 year old female, 20 year old male, and a 16 year old will reappear in court on Monday.

Three properties have been part of scene examinations over the weekend.

Sumner resident Peter Holmes said the attack was "disappointing and frightening".

The "peaceful village" was not used to violence like this, he said.

"I have daughters who walk around here at night and I take my dog walking here as well. This makes me think twice about doing that."

Sumner Surf Club Chairman Craig Todd said the assault came as a surprise for the tight knit community.

"Nobody likes to see that happen in their community, especially here in Sumner things like this happen occasionally in the city but not down in Sumner," he said.

"The beach is considered a pretty safe environment to be in so it's a bit disconcerting when something like this happens."