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Little Joys by Amelie: businessing on

Carmina Blewett
Little Joys by Amelie award
Teen entrepreneur, Amelie Coggan, the artisan behind Little Joys by Amelie  Sara Coggan

An influx of positive feedback and orders have been steadily flowing in for a Christchurch start-up despite initial lockdown struggles

For over a year, 15-year-old Amelie Coggan, behind Little Joys by Amelie, has sold hand-crafted clay Kiwiana-themed souvenirs and mental wellness mementos.

The year 11 St Andrew's College student was awarded with the Best New Product at the NZ Autumn Gift and Homewares Fair last month, shortly before Coronavirus lockdown implementation.

Prior to Amelie's mum, Sara Coggan, sending out a post to four local community groups on Facebook, business significantly slowed down with tourist stores - a number of which Amelie supplies - shutting their doors with national tourism restrictions.

"The sad thing is we had a lot of potential orders... and of course, we've just heard nothing," Sara said.

"Amelie wanted tourists to be able to buy a locally-made product by a local artist as a way of remembering their trip to New Zealand."

Almost a week later, and around $1000 worth of orders have accumulated the pipeline, with sales made as far as the North Island. However deliveries are on hold in compliance with official Level 4 lockdown measures. 

The young entrepreneur based her Worry Monsters and Courage Bunnies on sleeping troubles during childhood, as an item which would've been beneficial to her during uncertainty.

"I want to help people who are affected by mental health or are going through a tough time, and hopefully my designs take away their worries or give them courage," Amelie said. 

To support Little Joys by Amelie, visit @littlejoysbyamelie on Facebook.