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Little Andromeda Theatre returning to Christchurch

Dan O'Connor
Little Andromeda pop-up in 2018.  Little Andromeda

Pop-up theatre gets $50,000 to set up and operate new 100-seat venue on The Terrace next month.

Little Andromeda Director Michael Bell said Christchurch sorely missed a theatre like Little Andromeda.

"Wellington has the BATS Theatre and Auckland has Basement and Q Theatre," Bell said.

"Christchurch simply doesn't have a joint-venture theatre for artists and emerging artists to put on a professional level of work and because of that so many young performers are moving to Wellington or Auckland."

Bell said removing barriers of entry to both artists and audiences meant more creativity and vibrancy in our city.

"The more risks we allow them to take the better it is for the creative ecology and some risks turn out to be worth it and grow into bigger things".

Bell said this year's indoor move for Little Andromeda would be good, as last year he had to cancel shows because of the weather.

"[Being indoors] also means better sound and light control as well as better temperature control," Bell said. 

Last year, the theatre was set up on Gloucester St opposite Turanga Library.

The only downside to being indoors was perhaps a slightly less festive vibe, but Bell didn't mind as he was on a mission for a permanent space.

Little Andromeda will be hosting their opening party Little A Opening Bash for free where you can get a sneak peek at their new location on The Terrace on October 4 at 7pm.

Credit: Little Andromeda / Bad VHS

Bell had proposed a $19 million permanent location in the Arts Precinct for Andromeda, but the Christchurch City Council voted in June to develop the $45 million Court Theatre on the site instead.

The council's citizens and community manager, Brent Smith, said a permanent location in the Arts Precinct for Little Andromeda was still a possibility.

"We have an excellent relationship with Michael [Bell] and will continue to explore opportunities with him in the future."

City councilor Vicki Buck, who chairs the council's innovation and sustainable development committee, said Little Andromeda had benefited from a $50,000 Enliven Places Projects Fund grant.

"The grant will fund the set-up and operational costs for the new 100-seat venue."

Buck said Little Andromeda brings a great deal of energy, life and activity [to Christchurch].

Little Andromeda will host a full six-week programme involving 40 performers.

The full show schedule and ticket prices can be found here.