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Lincoln Uni starts work on 'world-class' $206m research facility

Isaiah Smiler

Lincoln University says researchers from around the world will be attracted to its $206 million research facility, which is under construction.

Construction of the shared facility, which is set to become the largest Agricultural research facility in the Southern Hemisphere, started recently. 

It will have a mix of labs and working spaces to ensure collaboration between research teams. 

After concerns about the university's financial stability at the beginning of the year a plan for its future was put before the Government, which backed it with $85 million. 

The new buildings will house about 700 researchers and students, who will work in a shared research environment. 

Plans for the shared AgResearch and Lincoln University research facility. (AgResearch)

Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor, Robin Pollard, said there'll be a lot of opportunities for students that come out of the new facility.

"There's an opportunity for students to become involved in research projects. Students are placed within a professional research environment, and we also provide students opportunities in internships and work placements."

Pollard believes that the research facility will go a long ways to help creating the vision of a more education focused Lincoln.

There will be no shortage of expertise for Lincoln students to feed off, with approximately 375 AgResearch and Dairy NZ researchers to be placed within the facility.

It's not just Lincoln University that will be benefiting from the partnership.

AgResearch Chief Executive, Tom Richardson predicted that new facility would bring in more researchers. 

“It is also going to be a huge draw card for the smartest minds to join in our research and keep us at the cutting edge.”


The empty space where the shared $206 million research facility will be built. Tegan Elston

Robin Pollard said the ground-breaking achievement of the research facility is something to be celebrated. 

"I think people, especially in Canterbury, should be proud of what Lincoln has achieved."

It's estimated the building will be fully completed in 2020.