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Lime scooters endangering children at Margaret Mahy playground

Emma Olsen
Margaret Mahy
Skid marks at Margaret Mahy Playground  Emma Olsen

A donut vendor at the playground says reckless riders have hit and injured children. He is calling for a "GPS fence" to stop the e-scooters.

Paul King, who runs his donut trailer at Margaret Mahy playground seven days a week, is concerned about the safety of children due to Lime Scooters.

"My paramount concern is the health and safety of the little ones. I see dozens of young people a day scootering through the park at speeds of up to 30kmh, oblivious of the danger they're creating."

King was concerned that some of the hundreds of children using the playground every day would not see a speeding scooter coming.

King said he had seen many riders lose control and crash into children at the park.

A month or so ago, King saw an 11-year-old get hit by a scooter. The child had to get stitches in their left eye socket.

"I've also seen a kid knocked out of their wheelchair by a lime scooter rider, and countless near misses with other distracted children playing at the park."

King said lime scooters were a great invention for the environment but called for a ban on them in the playground.

Lime has taken action after multiple complaints where they have put a 'red zone' around the playground. Anyone who parks a lime scooter at the playground may be fined.

Despite the 'red zone' Lime has put in place, King said signage around the playground was needed, or even a "GPS fence" to completely stop lime scooters from moving inside the playground. 

He said intoxicated scooter riders had been damaging the park after hours by leaving skid marks and tattooing disturbing pictures into the pavement.

Lime Scooter
Lime Scooter skid marks on the pavement at Margaret Mahy Playground. Emma Olsen

City councillor Phil Clearwater, who is a member of the infrastructure, transport and environment committee, said there had been no reports of skid marks at the Margaret Mahy Playground.

"There are reports of skid marks at many places within Christchurch central, but I’m unaware of any complaints of rubber marks at the playground."

The council has no plans to clean up the unpleasant pictures marked on the pavement.