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Library goers express condolences to Christchurch Muslims

Asha Abdi
condolences book Turanga
The condolences book at Turanga Library, which was signed by 600 people in two days.  asha abdi

More than 600 people have expressed their condolences to the Muslim community after the March 15 attacks.

The Turanga library in central Christchurch has a condolence book that will be sent to the Muslim community. The book has been in the library since March 16.

The Christchurch City Council came up with the idea and thought the Turanga library would be the best place to put it because it has plenty people come through every day.

Turanga librarian Greta Christie said the book was important.

"It’s important to express how you feel about what happened," Christie said.

One of the many people to have expressed their condolences through the book was Gerry Yeomans, who was in Christchurch for her grand daughters wedding.

"We need to just keep praying and be optimistic" Gerry said.

Gerry went on to describe the attacks as "horrific" and did not believe anything like it could have happened in Christchurch.

So far, the condolence book has been signed by more 600 people in multiple different languages.