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Liam Malone documentary: From the archives

Lisette Reymer and Marc McCarthy

We've gone digging in the archives to find this documentary from 2013. Check out a young(er) Liam Malone, our favourite Kiwi Paralympian.

This resurfaced New Zealand Broadcasting School documentary from 2013 tells the story of the Kiwi Paralympic gold medallist Liam Malone.

When Liam Malone was 14 years old playing rugby in Motueka near Nelson, he went to kick a conversion. His leg flew off. One of the boys went and got his leg and he “just chucked it back on”.

That story perfectly illustrates the Kiwi Blade Runner’s attitude to life.

Despite having no legs, he doesn’t consider himself disabled.

“I’m able to do everything so why would I consider myself disabled?” Malone says in the documentary produced by New Zealand Broadcasting School students Lisette Reymer and Marc McCarthy.