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Home haircuts to continue in level 3

Mitch Redman
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Barbershop and hairdresser doors have been closed for five weeks now, and will remain shut under alert level 3.

With business expected to flood back at alert level 2, uncertainty remains as rent, power and internet bills continue to be a burden. 

The wage subsidy has been a relief to some barbershops and salons, but others that operate in different ways may not be quite as lucky. 

"There are so many ways a barber can run their business, not every shop is the same, which means some will feel the effects worse than others," owner of Mo Town Barbers, Luke Koia, said. 

Hairdressers and barbershops in Australia were deemed an essential service, so stayed open during their COVID-19 lockdown.

However, Koia believed it would be too difficult to work here in this stage of lockdown. 

"Level 3 for us is out of the question. Even if we wore masks and gloves, and made sure our clients did the same, that would just not be realistic," Koia said.

Once shops around the country are able to re-open, the backlog is expected to take a while to return to normal. 

"It might take a few weeks for everyone to find their space and routine again. I'm thinking we might be smashed for a few weeks then it will drop off, then hopefully pick back up again," Koia said. 

Despite working for different companies, a group chat was also created for Christchurch's top barbers to check in with one another during lockdown. 

With plenty of lockdown cuts having taken place, Koia said he looked forward to cleaning people up. 

"I just want to get back to interacting and socialising with my clients. Contact is important for our mental health and I'm looking forward to having people back in my chair once this is over."