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Government provides more details on Level 3

COVID 19 Update v2

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern began today's briefing by cautioning that what she was going to talk about did not foreshadow Cabinet's meeting next Monday to discuss movement in levels.

She said that Level 3's focus was still very much on encouraging people to stay home and that New Zealanders were to think of this level as a waiting room or recovery room as there is still a high risk the virus could bounce back.

The key differences between Level 3 and Level 4 were outlined as follows:

You would still need to keep to your bubble but be able to expand it in small ways, such as bringing in a caregiver for children while working, or a solo parent having a family member move in to help - still keeping your bubble exclusive.

Businesses able to open would expand from purely essential to include those who can operate safely, for example can apply the health and safety expectations adequately including social distancing and good hygiene. Ideally people would continue to work from home if possible.

Food outlets that can provide drive-through or delivery options without face-to-face contact, as well as businesses that can provide online shopping or click-and-collect options would be able to operate, however cafes, malls and bars would have to remain closed.

There would also be a partial reopening of early childhood centres and schools up to and including Year 10, with an expectation that children would be kept within a smaller school bubble and that those who could stay home, would.
Tertiary study would continue to be online except for practical study such as trade or lab work which can be done utilising social distancing.

Travel would be extended to regional, allowing people to get to work and take children to school, but not to go further afield.

Recreation would be expanded to include swimming, on-shore fishing and surfing - however still to be kept within your own bubble.

The Prime Minister also stated that tough calls would still have to be made on life events at Level 3, with funerals allowing no more than 10 people to attend, and weddings having services only, no reception or meal, with a maximum of 10 people.

More information on how Level 3 would operate is available via the COVID-19 website.