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Kiwibank fee increases are a tax on fixed incomes

Charlotte Cook
Kiwibank's fee increase will have the biggest effect on fixed income earners  Pixabay

Kiwibank is charging a $4 fee for statement mailouts due to a postage increase

Age Concern says charging four dollars per printed statement sent out feels like a tax on old people.

Kiwi Bank has increased its fees for mailing out statements to promote online use. The fee has gone from free to four dollars to cover printing and postage costs.

Chief Executive of Age Concern Canterbury, Simon Templeton, says increases like this aren't fair on fixed income earners.

"It's disappointing I think, for those people who don't have access to computers or don't feel comfortable - certainly doing banking online".  

Templeton says it's too early to focus solely on online as groups of people are being penalised because they are still catching up with technology.