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Kiwi to use cutting edge technology to take on Lochness

  Roland Watson

An Otago University Professor is taking his dino-DNA technology to Scotland to try and solve the 500-year-old myth of the Lochness monster.

Anatomy Professor Neil Gemmell is currently conducting a project in marine diversity around the coastlines of New Zealand, and will use his state-of-the-art technology in Lochness.

The Lochness is the largest freshwater source in the UK, and is about the same size as Lake Wakatipu.

Gemmell said he will use DNA samples filtered from the water to try and determine what is in the lake once and for all.

"We know we can do this, we know we can get two litres of water, filter it and collect DNA out of it and then sequence that DNA and get a good representation of the species within that locality," he said.

Gemmell said he doesn't believe there is anything particularly unusual in the waters, adding that DNA could link to a large catfish.

Neil Gemmell will begin his three day experiment when he travels to Scotland in August.