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Heavy rain affects businesses in Kaikoura

Katie Scotcher
Kaikoura Slip
  NZ Transport Agency - South Island

Heavy rain and land slips have pushed rock-filled containers onto the road, isolating the coastal town.

A Kaikoura business owner is unhappy with the impact of road closures on trade.

The town has been isolated due to landslips and heavy rain blocking road access.

Owner of Hunting and Fishing Kaikoura, Anton Evans, said the closures meant he could not get supplies in or out.

"There's no customers coming to town to my shop and we can't get any freight. I guess we can't get fuel and things like that either." 

Evans said once both sides of State Highway 1 were re-opened, business should pick up.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has advised crews are working on clearing SH1 after heavy rain pushed rock-filled containers onto the road. 

The highway is closed south of Kaikoura and between Kekerungu and Clarence. It remains closed south of Kaikoura and is down to one lane between Picton and Kekerungu. Route 70 between Kaikoura and Waiau is also closed.