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Kaikoura Seafood BBQ restaurant ranks 7th best in the world

Emma Turton
Kaikoura Crayfish
Kaikoura Seafood BBQ has placed seventh in Lonely Planet's Top 500 Food Experiences.  Supplied

Kaikoura Seafood BBQ places high on Lonely Planet's "Ultimate Eat List" of 500 food experiences.

The editors of Lonely Planet have compiled a list of 500 experiences to create an Ultimate Eat List.

Crayfish in Kaikoura was the top New Zealand food experience, because of how simple and fresh the food process was.

Kaikoura Seafood BBQ managerĀ Kate Claridge said providing the winning kai was very exciting. She was humbled to learn her business had placed seventh on the list.

"We do quite simple foods, but it must be the taste of the crayfish. That isn't something we engineer."

Claridge said the food preparation process was easy. Customers selected the crayfish out of the tank in front of them, staff gave it a slice, cooked it and add garlic butter and lemon. The whole process can be viewed in front of the customer, adding to the experience.

Crayfish were difficult to come by, because the majority were exported.

"We have to try very hard to get them," Claridge said.

"We have to have a very good relationship with fishermen, because the export market dominates the harvest."