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Christchurch experts give advice to Kaikoura home owners

Lauren Jones
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Kaikoura  Wikimedia Commons

Christchurch based claimants group EQC Fix held a public meeting in Kaikoura last night to inform residents about their insurance policies

Following the earthquakes, Kaikoura residents are looking to Christchurch experts for help with insurance claims. 

Labour candidate for Christchurch Central  Duncan Webb, said after the Christchurch quakes, insurers pushed a new capped policy which paid a certain amount not the whole repair cost.

It was important to provide balancing information for residents as often insurance companies provide their views but they aren't often in accordance with their obligations, he said.

Duncan saw many similarities in the problems between Christchurch and Kaikoura though he thought people in Kaikoura are more isolated and less people are taking notice of what's going on.

Webb has had 6 years of experience helping Christchurch home owners with insurance claims and hopes Kaikoura's insurance problems will be solved far quicker than those in Christchurch.