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Aiming high but jumping higher

Laura Grigg
maddie jumping
Maddie Davidson training hard for World Championships  Laura Grigg

Since Professional Trampolinist Maddie Davidson was seven years old, she knew she wanted to go to the Olympics.

13 years on, and the 20-year-old's dream of competing on the big stage is close to becoming a reality.

Next week Maddie travels to Belarus to compete in the World Championships. She’ll be up against others in the Open International Section, which is the elite trampolining circuit where all professionals compete.

There are five competitions in this championship all around the world. All her scores will go towards a final placement and will determine her spot in the 2020 Olympics next year.

Only 12 trampolinists from New Zealand will be given a spot.

“Now that we are in there training for the Olympics, it seems really cool but really close,” Maddie says.

Maddie Davidson and Kate Nicholson coming 3rd in synchronized trampolining at 2017 World Champs. Jarrod Heriot

Maddie commits to her trampolining life, training twice a day, up to 7 days a week, while studying a business degree at the University of Canterbury.

“There’s not a lot of funding and a lot of us work,” says Maddie, “I work three jobs, as well as training, to try fund myself. Each year we pay $50,000 dollars worth of travel.”

It’s hard to find the right balance with all her commitments, she says, but it has taught her really good time management skills. 

“Sometimes you do let it bubble over, but it’s just about keeping calm, following the process, and learning how to juggle everything," she says