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Jucy Snooze: Christchurch's alternative sleepover

Carmina Blewett

Since November 2016, Jucy Snooze has been offering travellers Christchurch's only cellular-styled accommodation.

The New Zealand-first, based on the Japanese capsule concept, is located within walking distance from the airport,
and has successfully been reaching the youth backpacker market.

Assistant Manager Juan Barrera said that the pod hostel's convenient location catered to short-term visitors and those transiting between flights.

"A lot of people come to Christchurch just for the day... Most guests here stay overnight," Barrera said.

Each room contains eight pods. Overnight rates start at $35, with an alternative $10 hourly rate option during
the winter months.

Jucy Snooze's Pods are also available in Queenstown, and an Auckland branch is expected to open in early 2020.