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Josh Wilson hopes to follow in baseball legend Travis Wilson's footsteps

Brooke Hunter

Aspiring pro-baseballer is surprised to find out how much in common he has with a Kiwi baseball legend.

Josh Wilson didn't know how much he had in common with New Zealand baseball legend Travis Wilson, who played professionally for Atlanta Braves in the US.

Josh and Travis not only have the same last name, but also, as Josh found out today, attended the same school (St Bede's College).

What's more, Travis Wilson was scouted at the Arizona Falls Showcase, a US college scouting event that Josh Wilson is raising money to play in next month.  

"It's a very weird coincidence, but it's very cool," Josh Wilson said. 

Weird coincidences aside, Josh Wilson is turning to another sport to raise money for his trip to Arizona. He is hosting a bowls tournament at the Redcliffs Bowls Club on Saturday as a fundraiser.