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Is it Ōtākaro or Ōtākaroro?

Charlotte Grimwood
Ōtākaroro sign
The Avon River sign on Fendalton Rd by the Deans and Harper Ave intersection originally had Ōtākaroro but now has Ōtākaro on it.  Charlotte Grimwood

A twinked-over sign by the Avon River leads to questions over the correct spelling of the word.

The most common te reo spelling of Avon River is Ōtākaro

A Christchurch City Council sign on Fendalton Rd displays the less common Ōtākaroro.

Or, at least it did.

That's until someone, armed with twink presumably, "corrected" the sign to say Ōtākaro.

City council media manager Jocelyn Ritchie said the spelling of the name varied and that the sign had not contained an error. 

She said it was probably a member of the public, who had made the change.