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David East questions footpath repair funds

Rebecca Brebner
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The Christchurch City Council has allocated $30,000 in its draft annual plan to repair 300 metres of footpath near New Brighton Bridge.

The footpath from Pages Rd to Anzac Drive remains damaged after the 2011 quakes. 

New Brighton residents are fed up and want answers as to why it has taken so long considering the rest of Pages Rd has been fixed.

Coastal Ward city councillor David East said the big issue was the inter-connection of the New Brighton red zone and the replacement New Brighton Bridge.

 East said decisions must be made about the residential red zone and bridge to set the scene on how to deal with the footpath.

 “The path is pretty rough and doesn’t convey a positive image for New Brighton and the visitors going out that way.”

 East questioned if the $30,000 was enough to repair the footpath and improve the appearance of a key entry point to the town.

 “The council may extend the budget for this fix but that will be a matter for the next financial year.”

 The city council’s draft annual plan is now open for community consultation.