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Influx of robberies around Cashmere

Pierre Nixon
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Car robbery.   Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Cashmere residents have seen a rise in break-ins around the Port Hills in the last month.

 Many vehicles and even the Cashmere Presbyterian Church have been robbed leaving residents wanting a ramp-up in community watch and Police presence in the area. 

IMG 7470
Car on Macmillan Avenue broken into. Paul Sparkes.

One resident, who wanted to stay anonymous, told Metronews her car had been broken into twice within the last month.

“The break-ins were more of a frustration and annoyance than anything, it’s just super frustrating having to send it back and forth to the mechanics and the glass repair.”

According to security camera footage sent in, many of the crimes have occurred in the early hours of the morning with 4am to 5am the prime time for crime.

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Burglar scoping out cars on Macmillan Avenue. Paul Sparkes.

Although one resident said her car was broken into in broad daylight.

“My car was broken into last Tuesday around noon, it was a really busy day with walkers and bikers around, I think it’s fair to say they knew what they were doing, my bag was stolen and my cards were used within 15 minutes, 17 times at two locations.” 

Not only are vehicles affected by the recent crime sprees but the Cashmere Presbyterian Church was also recently broken into.

Cashmere Presbyterian declined to comment.

One resident who has lived in Beckenham since 1985, believes crime is “the worst it has ever been”.

“We are on Malcolm Ave, a few weeks ago we had a maple tree ripped out of one of our heavy pots, which is well off the road.” 

The resident explained they had a business in the Beckenham area for 31 years but had never had a break-in.

Data taken from the New Zealand Police website show that robberies in the Cashmere/Beckenham area are back on the rise. Crime around these areas decreased last year with Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in place, however, in 2019 robbery rates were also high.

Theft data around the Cashmere/Beckenham area from 2019 to 2021 New Zealand Police website.

Residents in Cashmere want more police and community watch in the area.  

“Hopefully we can get some police and community watch ramped up in the area,” one resident said. 

"There are issues much larger than a car break-in, so priority to those situations, but even if some of these little buggers could be caught and suffer the consequences, I think it’d be less frustrating for those who are experiencing the crimes," another said. 

The councillor for Cashmere Ward was unable to comment on the recent surge in break-ins. 

Police have also been approached for comment and are currently compiling information. 

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More to come on this issue.