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Canterbury school's growing community focus

Azriel Taylor
Hillmorton High School Front
The front of Hillmorton High School  Azriel Taylor

Principal wants to make sure that the community always has a place to stand at Hillmorton High School

One of Christchurch's fastest-growing schools is in the midst of great change, but the focus remains very much on the school's culture, and community-focus.  

Hillmorton High School is outrunning not only its own, but also Ministry of Education growth predictions. From 1 July 2016 through 1 July 2020, government figures reveal 301 new Hillmorton High enrolments. That equates to an average of 60 new students each year. 

"One of our school values is TÅ«rangawaewae, to ensure that everyone has a place to stand here." says Principal, Ann Brokenshire. 

To grow alongside the number of students, the school campus is expanding as well. 

The school is developing a new sports centre, amphitheatre, and tennis courts, as well as receiving Ministry of Education funding for five new temporary classrooms, to fill the void while new permanent spaces are built.

Brokenshire says the board wants the whole community to be involved in the school. It means the facilities will become shared, including neighbouring Spreydon School being granted access to the new tennis courts. The new sports centre will also be open for the community to use. 

"These are fantastic facilities and we want them well used."

"One of our strategic goals as a board is to involve our community," says Brokenshire. 

Brokenshire has highlighted the community's role in educating the students, saying that the school and the community educate their young people together. 

"If you go to this school, if you have been to this school, and you are living in our community, this is your place."