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Healing Christchurch with tea, touch and talk

Arwen Sommer
Manaaki Mama
Display at the Manaaki Project  Arwen Sommer

The Manaaki Project aims to help people recover after the terror attacks.

Kaimirimiri Healer Celita Zainey, who goes by Manaaki Mama, has set up a pop up healing initiative at the Christchurch Arts Centre. The project is based on the Te Ao Māori value of Manaakitanga, which means supporting and caring for others. 

There are traditional Māori healers, energy healers, crystal healers, a space for children to play, and an area to just sit down for coffee, kai and a chat, if that's what you need. 

Celita says the space is open for anyone who wants to walk in. 

"It's just a relaxed way for people to be able to come sit, engage and just chat and for some people that's what they need, it's about creating that connection". 

All Koha from the project will be given to the Christchurch Muslim community. 

The project runs from April 6 to April 18 and Celita hopes that it will happen again with more pop ups around the city. 

Interview with Manaaki Mama Celita Zainey