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Harrington Park renewal needed

Caitlin Rawling
Harrington Park
Harrington Park on Peveral St in Riccarton, Christchurch.  Caitlin Rawling

Harrington Park on Peverel St in Riccarton is in much need of an upgrade due to its lack of resources, locals say.

The play space is used by the Riccarton youth as an after-school hangout and a place to relax in the weekend.

Christchurch Boys High school student Jayhkim Rue T. Amainag, 15, is frustrated with the lack of equipment at the park and wants something to be done about it. 

"We need another basketball court to be able to play more than one game of basketball at a time." 

Amainag said if the park was not upgraded, young people would become bored and probably use the area less.

Dairy Manager Simon Zhao, 33, said the play space needed to be upgraded as 90 percent of his customers were regulars. He did not want to lose profit due to the lack of equipment in the park.

"Kids are getting bored of the facilities and it needs to be improved for them to continue using the park." 

Zhao said upgrading the park for the community was necessary to keep the youth active and thriving.

Christchurch City Councillor Vicki Buck said the park was in much need of an upgrade, as it was widely used by the public.

Community feedback on the renewal is now closed.