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Hager draws crowds in Nelson

Emily O'Connell
Nicky Hager
Author of Hit and Run, Nicky Hager  Google, wikipedia

New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager released his newest book in Wellington on Tuesday and now he's touring the country promoting it.

A member of the group who hosted Nicky Hager in Nelson said it was the biggest turn-out they've ever had.

Spirited Conversations Group member Barry McKee said about 100 people turned-out last night.

McKee said the audience was sympathetic towards Hager unlike what he had heard on talk-back radio. 

McKee added he had not bought the book yet but did find Hager very interesting.

The book, Hit and Run, was co-written with Jon Stephenson.

The New Zealand Defence Force has reiterated their 20-11 statement following the launch of Nicky Hager's book.

The book  claims John Key allowed a SAS raid to go ahead which injured 15 and killed six civilians.

Speaking to RNZ before his book launch, Hager said the response mainly affected women, children and elderly, with a three year-old toddler dying in her mother's arms.

The Defence Force re-posted their initial statement saying these claims continue to be unfounded.

Hager said there are strong grounds to suspect what happened in 20-10 was indeed, a war crime.

Hager will talk at the University of Canterbury on the sixth of April.