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Gun City sold guns to accused shooter

Oliver Cowan
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Gun City's director confirms that they sold guns to the accused shooter in 2017.

Director of Gun City, David Tipple said that Gun City sold the accused gunman four “A-Category” firearms and ammunition online.

The alleged gunman placed and received four separate orders from Gun City between November 2017 and March 2018.

Although, the weapon believed to be used in the mosque attacks last Friday were not sold to him by the retailer.

When questioned by media Tipple said he did not feel responsible for the shootings.

“We detected nothing extraordinary about the license holder”

Fifty people have died from the attacks on Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque.

Tipple defensively declined to comment on any questions around debate over gun control in New Zealand.

“Is that a gun debate question?”

He said that Gun City would remove the AR15 firearms from sale “if we are required by law.”

The retailer also said that talk of “panic buying” guns were all lies.